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Your Day-to-Day Blogging Activities Are Leaving A Trail . . .

A blogger’s mindset creates a living legacy online, leaving a trail that will be followed, emulated, dissected, and even ridiculed.

That’s the focus of the guest post I’ve written for BasicBlogTips, a high-octane social media, blogging tips, and video tutorial blog.

Running the show at BasicBlogTips.com is Ms. Ileane Smith, an humble, soft-spoken blogger with a strong presence in many online communities. Personable and friendly, as well as knowledgeable about the tools that make WordPress tick, Ileane invited me to pen an article on her blog late last year. (I’m glad she forgives me for just now pulling one together.)

My debut post for BasicBlogTips is Living Your Blogging Legacy. I hope you like it!

Technology Consultant - You Are Here - Blogging Legacy Guest Post for BasicBlogTipsA blogger’s mindset creates a living legacy online, leaving a trail that will be followed, emulated, dissected, and even ridiculed.

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Living Your Blogging Legacy
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Vernessa Taylor

Technology Consultant, Business Writer at Local Business Coach Online (LBCO)
Founder and editor of the blog here at LBCO. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and visiting. See you next time.

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  6 Responses to “Guest Post on BasicBlogTips: Blogging Legacy”

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  1. Hi Vernessa:

    I read this guest post of yours at Ileane’s BasicBlogTips and thought it’s one that every blogger or web publisher should read because it affects one’s branding and business positioning – hence perceptions in the eyes of prospective customers.

    Today, a lot of bloggers are carried away with the freedom of what to blog on their own space that they may, unknowingly be positioning themselves negatively to a crowd they are yet to meet while being ‘cheered’ by a familiar, regular audience.

    Thinking futuristic is ensuring that you blog to leave a legacy.

    • Hi Stella,

      Welcome to CoachNotes Blog! I read your comments over on the post at BasicBlogTips and really appreciate your insights.

      You’ve hit upon two concepts that absolutely should be at the forefront of any blogger’s thinking: branding and positioning. Some would argue that they are business owners so those concepts don’t affect them. But I would respectfully disagree! I hope we can spread the word, maybe by mentioning “legacy” and “blogging” in the same sentence whenever the opportunity arises. :)

      Hey, I was happy to see you’re a knowledgeable practitioner of project management also. (And thanks for the tweet!) I’ve been slowly working on a series about PM and would love to have a quote from you or to reference anything you’ve written about the topic.

      Again, welcome and come back any time. :)

  2. Good day Vernessa,

    If it would not be a problem to you, I would like to know how to make a guest post that is worth remembering? Something that will leave an unforgettable legacy online. I’ll deeply appreciate it if you can help me with this.

    Have a nice day and god bless!

    • Hi Aileen,

      Welcome to CoachNotes Blog and thank you for your question. There are so many excellent articles with tips on both what to do and what not to do when creating guest posts, it would be redundant for me to answer here. Instead, I will point you to some of the available resources.

      Let me start by suggesting you head over to Gravatar.com to add your photo or your company logo, so it shows up in your comments. No blog will accept a guest post from you without such identifying visuals.

      Second, visit some of the well-known sites that accept guest posts. Read their guidelines for guest posters, which will give you an excellent idea of what is acceptable. Then read lots of the articles that have been written by guest authors on those sites. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge of well-crafted guest posts.

      Here are a few to start with:

      ComLuvBasicBlogTipsGrowMapWeBlogBetterFamousBloggers2 Create A WebsiteMy Blog Guest

      Of course, it goes without saying the majority of your guest posts should be written for blogs within your industry, niche, and peripheral niches (i.e., offroad trucks, cool custom truck covers, etc.)

      Finally, prepare your blog to receive the guests who will come after reading your guest post elsewhere. If you plan to accept comments, perhaps install plugins like CommentLuv and G.A.S.P. to help with spam.

      You can do a Google search for “guest post” to pick up more.

      And if you ever decide you’d like to accept guest posts on your own blog, I recently read Guest Blogging: 10 Benefits of Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog over on BasicBlogTips.

      Best wishes!

  3. that’s blogging education.

    Thanks for the smart words…

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