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ComLuv Membership Club Is The Next Smart Move For CommentLuv Users

Reward Your Readers! – CommentLuv Tagline (and mission!)

Good technology teaches you, makes you smarter, makes you glad you use it, makes you evangelize so others will use it too, and makes others envious of your smartness. Hands-down, the CommentLuv plugin for WordPress has definitely made it to my list of “good, smart technology.”

CommentLuv Users - Become a Free ComLuv MemberIf you’re already a CommentLuv user, this might seem like preaching to the choir. But if the concert master left his wand at home or the lead choir singer forgot her robe, they’d likely appear half-dressed, or at best only half-ready.

Just to stay with the analogy for another moment … I stand here at the blogosphere podium to proclaim this one truth:

If you are not a member of the free ComLuv community, you are only half-dressed!

Only half-ready to receive what you expect CommentLuv to bring to your blog’s doorstep . . .

And thoroughly unable to take full advantage of what has been carefully — and luvingly — prepared for those who are CommentLuv users!

Hear me out . . . there’s a wildfire in the blogosphere, and only the savvy bloggers are being warmed by the heat.


You might call him a fire-starter but quite a bit different from that girl in the movie. In the world of comment management, the CommentLuv plugin developer is truly a fellow of insight and foresight. A busy businessman and benevolent do-er, he has stepped in to fill a need created by both the wildly popular WordPress software and the palpable desire of its users to create and maintain vibrant communities.

Andy Bailey not only offers his plugin solution at no-cost, he keeps the fires burning in the ComLuv community he’s built around it. You’ll find he’s even more accessible to you as a member simply because your stake in the community’s success will bring you in contact with him on a regular basis. His blog is one of those I visit on a regular basis just to see what new surprise he’s come up with for you and me!

Daily. Hourly. Blog owners are discovering the not-to-be-denied CommentLuv plugin.

I started using it about a year ago on two of my blogs. Although I use it as a plugin on WordPress, it also runs on a few other platforms, including Blogger and the Intense Debate commenting system.(If you need help getting it to work on Blogger, there’s a link to a video tutorial in the resource section below.)

In fact, CommentLuv has become so popular, blog owners aren’t just using it, they’re writing about using it!


I’m luving it too! But the real question is this:

Are you missing out on three of the most lucrative benefits offered by being a free member of the ComLuv community?

The Benefits of ComLuv Membership Ain’t No Secret

Installing the CommentLuv plugin makes you a smart blog owner. Contrary to a popular misconception, it does not make you a ComLuv member.

CommentLuv Comluv Membership Benefits Not SecretsWhen you first download and install your CommentLuv plugin, even if you are presented with the info on becoming a free member, you might decide that having the plugin is enough . . . And maybe you’ll get back to the membership stuff later

Later never comes and unbeknownst to you, you’ve let a lucrative oppportunity slip through your fingers! :(

I used the CommentLuv plugin on WordPress for 6 months before I even thought about checking into the reasons I should become a member of the ComLuv Network. But you don’t have to wait 6 months . . . Instead, let’s talk about a few of those benefits you gain by simply taking advantage of the free membership offered to you by ComLuv.

Why? Because savvy bloggers take advantage of the benefits that come along with both installing the CommentLuv plugin AND becoming a ComLuv community member.

Two Immediate, No-Waiting Benefits

  1. Laser-Targeted Posts Under Your Comment
  2. Interactive, Info-Laden Profile Alongside Your Comments

Benefit #1 – Laser-Targeted Posts Under Your Comment

Laser-Targeted. Laser Specific.

You might already know that once you become a member of the ComLuv network you’ll have 9 more choices of posts to select from when you leave a comment. But that greater selection carries more weight than it appears at first glance. It’s not just the fact that you have the choice of selecting which of your 10 posts to use. It is more that that choice gives you another means of being laser-target specific.

A Quick Example: Mobile Apps For The Motorcycle Gang

Let’s say your blog is aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts. A few weeks ago you’d written a post on your blog ago about cool mobile apps for motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, you’ve come across a blog about all kinds of mobile apps. You arrived here looking to scratch an itch — you were looking for information about mobile apps that give you quick updates with GPS coordinates via Twitter as you travel to the latest motorcycle meetup. Yippee! You’ve found one and now you’d like to leave a comment on the post that describes it.

If you are not a member of the ComLuv community, the only post you’ll get back when you write your comment is the very last one you wrote, which is about rims for motorcycles with three wheels. Say what? You might not get many clicks!

Wouldn’t you rather be highly targeted, laser-focused with your comment?

Click that down arrow next to the ComLuv heart and choose the post that better represents your blog and the audience of this blog: “10 Cool Mobile Apps For Motorcycle Enthusiasts.” As you can see from the image below, if you haven’t yet taken Andy up on his free membership offer you’ll only see your last post — along with a reminder of what could be yours!


Being able to selectively choose which post to display under your comment allows you to be laser-target specific, enhancing your marketing efforts at all times. Yes!

Show your breadth and depth

Sometimes we read and comment on several articles within the same blog. This gives us an opportunity to showcase a completely different post each time — maybe one that fits with your niche or even in response to another comment that is outside your niche.


At times I’ve selected an alternative post from my CommentLuv drop-down list that doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post I’m commenting on. In the image above, I chose a post that would resonate with any techies who also use Linux. This gave me an opportunity to show the breadth of posts on my own blog.

These are some really neat uses but you only get to have these choices if you’ve gone the extra mile and become a free member of ComLuv.

Benefit #2 – Interactive, Info-Laden Profile Alongside Your Comments

Your profile is used to continue the mission of making you and your blog more memorable and easy to access. — Andy Bailey

Profiles are important. At one time they were given more ink, more attention. Well, even if everybody isn’t writing about them or telling you what NOT to put in them, does that make them any less important?


ComLuv does some really neat things with your profile.

In addition to showing your photo, gravatar, or whatever image you’ve selected to represent you, the profile is used to continue the mission of making you and your blog more memorable and easy to access 1Quotes taken from the ComLuv Network Membership site created by Andy Bailey. All ComLuv images are used with permission (and maybe a little license to illustrate a point). Looking at the image below, you’ll see what kinds of information Andy has managed to include in CommentLuv member profiles — in an unobtrusive manner.

ComLuv Profile Patricia at Lavender Uses

As a user of CommentLuv, you may already be familiar with the way the profile information is displayed. On numerous ocassions, I’ve hovered over the little heart next to a post just to see what else the commenter had written lately, knowing I’d get a chance to see more than just the post showing under his/her comment.

Not to belabor the point, but unfortunately, unless you’re a member of the ComLuv network, your profile will not show any of your wonderful, world-changing information!

Oh, No! How important can this really be?

Since I began writing this article some neat things have happened that affect the ComLuv profile. Within the ComLuv site, the profile is used in at least 3 ways.

If you don’t have anything saved to your profile or a site description then you don’t get included in the top commenters pages or in the custom search engine. — Andy Bailey

Andy names two opportunities ComLuv members can take advantage of when they make sure their profile is complete: being listed on the Top Commenters pages and getting your articles indexed in the Custom Search Engine. The third exciting way your profile will be used is as the Author Bio when you write an article as a ComLuv Guest Blogger.

The SEO (search engine optimization) and backlink benefits are so important here, it would be nuts not to be a free member!

So go ahead and set up your ComLuv profile. It takes a little thought, but it only takes a few minutes. You’ll need a photo or image that represents you (personally) or your blog. If you already have a gravatar (gravatar.com), you can use that.

Benefit #3 – Do More Using The Members-Only Credits System

Lastly, there is a benefit that is not quite free but will bring back some free traffic, thoughtful minds, great conversationalists, debaters, and a few detractors. This is the “Credits” benefit. You can’t buy credits unless you are a member. Of course, you might not consider having to buy anything a benefit, but let me enlighten you. :)

ComLuv Members Only CreditsHow Do You Get Credits?

Actually, there are three four ways to gain credits: Buy some, win some, get awarded some by the ComLuv creator.

Picking up credits in the ComLuv Network is one of the most effective, yet inexpensive, ways to boost your website or blog traffic. And it’s easy to do from your Member Control Panel.

Speaking of winning some, Official CommentLuv Ambassador, Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips recently ran a contest in which she awarded winners some of those much sought-after credits. I’m happy to say I was one of those winners!

Another lovely surprise was being awarded a block of credits by Andy when he noticed I’d attempted to help a fellow CommentLuv user resolve a problem she was experiencing. Guess how he notified me? Via Twitter! Thanks Andy! (Ahh … the rewards of social media!)

Oh, and the fourth way you can gain credits? Have a friend or colleague donate some to you!

How do I plan to use my newly acquired credits? Shhh … it’s a secret!

ComLuv Credits Awarded via Twitter from Andy Bailey - CommentLuv Creator

One Way To Use Your Credits

Once you become a member, you can add one website from which the 10 posts are shown. Thus, no matter how many websites you have, no matter how many installations of the CommentLuv plugin, only ONE of those websites is represented when you comment on other people’s blogs.

In order for the posts from any of your other websites to be available, you have to:

  1. be a ComLuv Network member, AND
  2. have some credits available.

Meet both of these conditions and you can add additional websites to your ComtLuv profile.

Listen, that’s not all you can do with Credits!

Andy has added some new, improved, and uber-cool features to the ComLuv site that give you more bang for your credit buck. (Like prominently feature your website or blog on one of his many high-ranking network pages.) Click and go to get the real low-down.

CommentLuv + Membership in the ComLuv Network . . .

. . . Enables You To Over-Deliver!

Who knew installing the CommentLuv plugin would allow you to over-deliver? When your visitors find out your blog is CommentLuv enabled, they’ll be more likely to share their experiences in your comment section.

The benefits you gain by becoming a free member of the ComLuv network kick your CommentLuv-enabled blog into high gear!

One Last Thing . . .

After becoming a free member, what else should you do to make sure you are fully ready to receive the extra traffic you expect CommentLuv to bring to your blog’s doorstep?

  • Add the Do-Follow plugin 2Do-Follow plugin for WordPress created by Denis de Bernardy
  • Get yourself a nice do-follow graphic 3Extreme John convinced his son to pull these colorful Do-Follow graphics together. Show him some love!
  • Install the KeywordLuv plugin 4KeywordLuv plugin for WordPress created by Stephen Cronin.
  • Grab the Twitter-CommentLuv plugin from the ComLuv member area
  • Pick up some credits, either by purchasing them, winning them in a CommentLuv related contest, or being awarded them by the creator himself

My dear blogging friends, don’t go around half-dressed! You can let the heat of the wildfire raging through the blogosphere warm you up, too. Just step inside the Members Club prepared for you . . . See you on the inside!

Share Your Experiences . . .
Are you a ComLuv member? Which benefits do you like the best? Use the most? Share your experiences below in the comment section.

Using Google’s Blogger platform? Video Tutorial: Easily Install CommentLuv on Blogger. Created by Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips.

Image and Photo Credits
ComLuv Member Handbook 5ComLuv Member Handbook is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself. :) :: Whispering Secrets 6Whispering Secrets is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself! :: Move Mouse for ComLuv Credits 7Move Mouse for ComLuv Credits is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself!

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Vernessa Taylor

Technology Consultant, Business Writer at Local Business Coach Online (LBCO)
Founder and editor of the blog here at LBCO. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and visiting. See you next time.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Quotes taken from the ComLuv Network Membership site created by Andy Bailey. All ComLuv images are used with permission (and maybe a little license to illustrate a point).
2. Do-Follow plugin for WordPress created by Denis de Bernardy
3. Extreme John convinced his son to pull these colorful Do-Follow graphics together. Show him some love!
4. KeywordLuv plugin for WordPress created by Stephen Cronin.
5. ComLuv Member Handbook is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself. :)
6. Whispering Secrets is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself!
7. Move Mouse for ComLuv Credits is only for illustration purposes. Image created from a collage of PhotoBucket images along with some Snag-It wizardry. Feel free to use it yourself!

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  1. CommentLuv is a great plugin and the comments on my blog have increased and the quality has been really good.

    • Hi Grantly – Isn’t it great to not only have that increase that’s practically guaranteed, but also to get the quality? I’m extra glad you’re getting targeted comments because your photographic collections are too beautiful to be marred by silliness.

      I left a comment after viewing your Special Images collection. Love the way you have given context and historical background to The City of London.

      Happy to see you’re a ComLuv member. Have you showcased your work in any of the featured slots yet?

  2. Vernessa, you have covered soup to nuts about CommentLuv and the value it adds for bloggers. I would like to add that bloggers who are using Google’s blogging platform Blogger can also install CommentLuv and here’s the video tutorial that shows you how to easily install it http://basicblogtips.com/install-commentluv-blogger.html

    One last point to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Check your FeedBurner set up (this assumes that you used FeedBurner in your ComLuv account settings) Go to your FeedBurner account and under “Configure Stats”, uncheck the box next to “Item link clicks”.

    This little step ensures that any traffic coming from clicks on your profile or any links you leave on comments will get credited to your blog and not Feedburner.

    Whew, I think that just about wraps it up! LOL

    You’re an awesome writer and I really appreciate you sharing all of the benefits for using CommentLuv so thoroughly. I knew you would be a great Ambassador.

    Cheers and have a great week! We’ll hook up on Skype soon.

    • Hi Ileane, I’m enjoying my Ambassadorship. Heck, I’ve already been to London this morning! :)

      Good looking out on the FeedBurner mishap. I had fixed this once before using Brian’s post but had an issue crop up yesterday with the feed being too big and thus seriously borked. I corrected that problem by resyncing the feed in the FeedBurner panel BUT forgot to do the steps you’ve kindly reminded me of. Thanks!

      I’ll add the link to your video on installing CommentLuv on Blogger as a resource within the body of the article.

      I enjoyed to talking to you via Skype. Nothing like conversations before 6am! (And a link on your site is worth its weight in gold. Many thx :) )

  3. Hi Vanessa,
    I love comluv. It’s got a great community of bloggers. I didn’t even know about the little comluv symbol popping up one’s profile. I’ve got to check it out more.

    • Hi Richard – Nice to have you drop in! I enjoyed your article about Twitter traffic building and plan to check out your grease monkey script recommendation.

      That little ComLuv symbol packs a serious punch! You don’t even have to click, just hover, and it will show the world what you’re up to. And your posts — featured at the bottom of your profile — are clickable, too.

      Come back anytime!

  4. I love CommentLuv. It is such a great opportunity to get backlinks and encourage commenting at the same time. This is a very detailed article. I’ve bookmarked it and if I blog about CommentLuv again, I may backlink to you. It really is a great community to get involved with.

    • Yes, Sherryl, you’re so right. Until my involvement in the ComLuv community, I was never inclined to participate to such an extent. Although it is considered a “blogger’s community,” I’m always delighted at the breadth of blogging focus and the quality of work put forth by the members.

      I’m also challenged to network much as I might do in offline business mixers. And it’s a pleasure to come across your blog with such targeted articles aimed squarely at entrepreneurs. Hope I’ll see more of your work … and feel free to quote, backlink, and source whatever you find around here.

  5. Vernessa, you rocked that write-up! The snappy writing style, the eye-catching snag-itography and the attention to detail makes this review two thumbs up! Keep up the excellent work :)

    I have discovered and visited more new blogs via CommentLuv than I’ve ever done with blogrolls, comment signature links or search engines.



    • Ahh, there’s a new word to add to my list of maybe-Websters-will-inlude-it-in-the-next-edition: Snag-itography! I love it! You must be a Snag-It user, too. :)

      Thanks for the thumbs up. That really means something coming from someone with a conversation starter pistol in his hand! :)

      • LOL! Actually, I’m using Techsmith’s free offering, Jing. I want to upgrade and start doing product videos.

        The thing I love about your images are the authentic tear-offs. Is that part of Snag-it or do you do that with Gimp? It takes me forever to do mine in Photoshop and they look lame. :)



        • I do the tear-offs with Snag-It. I still use GIMP sometimes, but find I use it less and less since I bought Snag-It. I tried Jing sometime last year but never used it after the first few days.

          Have you tried the 30-day free trial version of Snag-It? Past that, it’s worth the few dollars they ask … I was able to use an educational discount and save a little.

  6. Hi Vernessa,

    Thanks for the follow-up on Snag-it. I’ll put that on my short-list of your recommendations. (That’s #2 :) )



    • Hi Mitch – Sounds good. Wonder why they’re called short-lists when they’re usually quite long? :)

      Gotta tell you, I felt like I was at the dinner table, rolling on the floor laughing. Headed back over there to add my hee-haws to the conversation!

      • Well, Vernessa, I think they START out being short, but the recommendations sometimes come faster than we can tick the off the to-do list. Plus, in my case, I’m not quite ready to implement some of them :)

        I had a blast on your Linux Squidoo Lens. You make a person want to explore!



        P.S. Glad you stopped by after the Dinner Party :)

  7. Hi Vernessa

    Thanks for the heads up and the “free” plug for my small niche blog. I sure appreciate it. I would have clicked on your post before but when I saw “exclusive” in the title I thought it was a post for high achieving techies!!!

    As you know from visiting my blog that is definitely not me lol Great post and I’ll definitely be RT for others to learn and enjoy.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia – Wonderful to have you drop by. :) I used “exclusive” as a kind of teaser, never thought it would keep anyone away! LOL Thanks for the retweets. Promotion is a big part of the game.

      Looking forward to seeing your new ecommerce site. Do let us all know when you launch so we can join in the celebration. Take care and please come again.

  8. Hi Vernessa,

    I’ve installed it via Intense Debate system and is a great plug-in. Moreover when you’re member and I can choose 10 posts to display.

    But I need more time to be active member of the Comluv community though. This is a good reminder :)



    • Hey Gera – So nice of you to drop in. I’m glad you installed CommentLuv on your Blogger site. I did too (following Ileane’s instructions) and was pleased with how well it works. I wouldn’t normally use Intense Debate, but it was the only option for having access to CommentLuv. (Not that it’s a bad system, but you know the arguments. :) )

      Your post on Blogging by Impact is a good read. Gives us something to think about and implement! See you soon.

      Oh! And thank you, thank you for featuring me in your weekly Foodie round-up. It means a lot. :)

  9. Hi Vernessa,

    One of the benefits of subscribing to comments is the opportunity to do a double-take when you eavesdrop on a conversation.

    Can you elaborate on your comment to Gera about IntenseDebate?



    • Hi Mitch – Eavesdropping allowed! :)

      To wit, there’s this back-and-forth around the web about both Disqus and Intense Debate. The gist of it is that with either of them acting as your third-party comment aggregator, you relinquish too much control of your WordPress blog’s comments. That control is not just in the location of your comments (off-site), but also includes things like ease of integration into your look-and-feel, as well as the impact upon your commenters’ experience (login to Disqus, create an account on Intense Debate).

      I have a healthy lifestyle blog hosted on Blogger, where Gera also hosts his SweetsFoods.com. Recently, in an attempt to help a fellow Tweeter, I went through the process of setting up Intense Debate and CommentLuv. (Previously, I hadn’t even considered it!) To my surprise, I was actually pleased with the outcome.

      I’ve used both systems on two of my self-hosted WordPress blogs. I finally removed Disqus because there was no way to change no-follow links and it didn’t work with CommentLuv. I wasn’t satisfied with Intense Debate because not only was its design was inflexible, but also because it made my visitors go through too many changes to leave a comment. And (at that time) it didn’t work with CommentLuv either.

      Disqus has either been unwilling or too technically deficient to provide the API hooks that would allow Andy to integrate CommentLuv into it. Intense Debate, after a loooong time, does work with CommentLuv on self-hosted WP and on the Blogger platform. (Blogger’s in-built commenting system does not work with CL by itself, so, in essence, you have to replace it with Intense Debate, then install CommentLuv.)

      Notwithstanding, I still use my Disqus account. Usually, I have a sidebar widget that gathers up comments I’ve made on blogs that use Disqus. I’ve temporarily disabled it until Disqus fixes the links so they go to the actual comment (or at least to the blog where the comment was made) instead of going to the Disqus site and requiring the person who clicks the link to LOGIN to view the comment. Lunacy!

      Long explanation, but I hope it answers your question. :)

      Are you running any blogs on Blogger or had any experiences with Intense Debate?

      • Hi Vanessa,

        Just to clarify a couple things:

        You said “Disqus has either been unwilling or too technically deficient to provide the API hooks that would allow Andy to integrate CommentLuv into it.”.

        It’s more of a security thing, allowing the type of API access that was requested by Andy would’ve open several security holes. Keep in mind, we’re working on allowing more secure access to the API for such integrations by early-mid next year. We’ll post more details on our blog when these changes are made.

        Re: Links Are you talking about Do-follow? If so we have no-follow on by default. If you’re experiencing something else on your site, feel free to send us an email with more details. help@disqus.com

        I hope this helps,


  10. Vernessa, this is a very thorough explanation. Thanks! Lunacy is a great word to define many of the attempts to aggregate comments. In the past, I have written – perhaps with tongue in cheek – about how neat it would be to be able to RETRIEVE old comments. Usually, this pipe-dream came after reading a couple of really great comments.

    I have accounts with CoComment, IntenseDebate, FriendFeed and ReTaggr. I tried installing CoComment on my blog but quickly abandoned it (I don’t remember what I didn’t like about it.)

    Now that I’m using CommentLuv and DoFollow, I feel that those should do the trick. Now that I know how to get CommentLuv working with Blogger.com, I can mention that option to any of my friends who blog there. (I have one stupid affiliate blog on the site, which is defunct. I don’t delete it because I think I have to have at least one blog to keep the account open, right?)

    As for my own personal aggregation of comments, I rely on Gmail. Many times, I find myself digging through old conversations, looking for that buried gem of a remark to cite in a new blog post. Which reminds me, I told @Tinu that I would be referencing her post from nearly two years ago!

    Thanks again for explaining everything.



    • Happy to oblige, Mitch. I had hoped the “note” wasn’t too long and I wasn’t reiterating what you already knew.

      Like you, I often use GMail to follow comments, but I sure would like another method, especially so I can do some kind of sorting and prioritizing. I don’t tend to reply via GMail even though that option is available.

      Speaking of eavesdropping, I heard you talking about maybe using Amplify for this purpose. I’d be interested in knowing how that works out and if it is something I can adopt (uh, copy!). I just recently signed up for an Amplify account but haven’t had time to dig into it to see how to best use it. I know “there’s a tutorial for that!” and I ought to seek one out.

      • Hey, Vernessa :)

        I’m glad you’re eavesdropping, too. I am currently experimenting with Gmail and Posterous, attempting to move some of the email notifications from my in-box to Posterous. So far, it looks like it SHOULD work, though I’m waiting for some comments to show up :)
        If you follow Blogmogrifier on Twitter, I’ll drop the link there.



  11. Well I am planning to install this plugin but waiting for my new custom thesis theme . Once I get thesis theme than I will get this plugin too . I have noticed that it help you to get more comments and if you communicate well with comment poster than they may turn into daily readers .

  12. Greetings Atulperx! A custom Thesis theme? Wow! Your site already looks great. I can’t wait to see what you do. :)

    You are so right … some of your commenters will likely turn into repeat readers because there are so many places your recent posts will be shown as you comment on other blogs.

    But you don’t have to wait to get your free membership. If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes, sign up, and make sure to add your information to your ComLuv profile.

    Then, when your new Thesis Theme arrives, you’ll be all ready to go!

  13. I had no idea that there were real benefits to becoming a member so thanks for the CommentLuv heads up.

    ps when your threaded comments go three deep to text is spilling out of the box into your sidebar lighter color background (well in chrome anyway).

  14. Hey Jenna, Welcome!

    Until I started having lively conversations here, I had no idea how this theme handled nested comments. At some point, I’ll probably have to switch it out for one that’s a bit more flexible.

    I’m glad you found the article useful. I’ve found the ComLuv community to be refreshing and rewarding. I hope you’ll join us soon! Let me know when you’ve taken the plunge. :)

  15. Vernessa
    That was some post.
    I’d like to be able to add something, but I think that you’ve covered it all.

    I’m already a CommentLuv member so for me… you are indeed preaching to the choir.

    Thanks for taking the time to produce the definitive CommentLuv article.

    • Hey, Keith! You did “add something” … your voice in the house was a wonderful addition! :) You coming by reminds me to check out your recent speaking encouragements. I try to practice what you preach; works well for me. Have a lovely day!

  16. Thanks @Gianni for responding to some of the issues I’ve been experiencing with Disqus. I’ve copied your comment here in order to respond.

    You said “Disqus has either been unwilling or too technically deficient to provide the API hooks that would allow Andy to integrate CommentLuv into it.”.

    It’s more of a security thing, allowing the type of API access that was requested by Andy would’ve open several security holes. Keep in mind, we’re working on allowing more secure access to the API for such integrations by early-mid next year. We’ll post more details on our blog when these changes are made.

    This is the first time I’ve heard anything about potential security holes opening in Disqus if it integrates with CommentLuv. There’s been sooo much conversation about the desire (and maybe need) to have that type of integration — it would have been smart for Disqus to jump in the conversation and let its audience know what the potential risks were and your proposed solution. Don’t you think?

    Re: Links … Are you talking about Do-follow? If so we have no-follow on by default. If you’re experiencing something else on your site, feel free to send us an email with more details. help@disqus.com

    No, I’m not referring to the no-follow aspect of links (though that is another issue that could use some attention). Instead, I’m referring to the way the Disqus RSS feed behaves. You can see what I’m talking about by loading up my Disqus feed in your browser:

    TaylorWebStuff Disqus Comment Feed * opens in a new window *

    Showing in the feed are articles I’ve commented on where the blog owner uses Disqus. If you click on any link to any article, you would expect to go to the article, right? Instead, you are taken to a Disqus Login Screen. I also tried this in my Feed Reader. Same result.

    I’m glad Disqus is looking into how to make the platform work with CommentLuv. Truly, that piece of magic will be well-received. Though the alarm has not been raised by very many on this second issue, as more and more people figure out how to aggregate different kinds of content, including comments, there will be more concern about it.

  17. Hi Vernessa- I would like to add the twitter plugin that you have on your site- can you let me know where you found it? Also does it help seo in anyway or just a added benefit to people who make comments? Kind regards Grant

    • Hey, Grant! The Twitter plugin right under the comments is “TwitterLink Comments,” courtesy of Andy Bailey.

      Install it via your WP Admin Plugins or get it from the main ComLuv page, on the Menu under Downloads.

      Here are details about it from ComLuv site:

      Concerning SEO benefits, the only thing I can think of is that it doesn’t leak link-juice to Twitter, since it is set as “nofollow,” according to the features.

  18. Many thanks Vernessa – very kind of you- Grant

  19. Hi Vernessa- just noticed my links were not working- not sure why? Grant

  20. Seems I had an extra http in the earlier ‘City Photographer’ names as it was going to a page not found- Cheers Grant

  21. Loved this post! Like a lot of people, I had the plugin for CommentLuv on my blog, but I never bothered to become a member because I had no idea about it. As soon as I read your post, I quickly went and signed up to become a member–and you can bet I’m gonna follow your blog, too! :)

    BTW, I found your blog when I did a search. My search was related to the CommentLuv links in the comments people have left on my blog–they aren’t clickable. Do you have any idea why? I haven’t been able to find a reason on the CommentLuv website.

    Thanks again for the great post!

    :) Michelle

    • Hello and Welcome, Michelle! Congratulations on becoming a card-carrying ComLuv community member. 😀

      The first step in getting CommentLuv all sorted out for you and working properly on your blog is to log into your ComLuv account and create a request for support in the HelpDesk. After Andy gets back to you, let me know if you need any help implementing his suggestions. I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

      BTW, thanks for letting me know how you happened across CoachNotes. It’s always useful (and fun) to know the search engines are serving up your site. :)

      Talk to you soon!

  22. Thanks, Vernessa (btw, love that name–never heard that before!). I’ll head over and do a request for support and see how that goes.

    Happy New Year!

    :) Michelle

  23. Wow a very good post on comment luv; Will try and put it on one of my own blogs once its up.

    btw what plugin are you using for the ‘spell check’ function?

    • Welcome Daki! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      To answer your question about the spell-check feature: I’m using a nifty little plugin that has the spellcheck included as one of several I-just-had-to-have-these functions. It’s Ajax Edit Comments, which I purchased so my commenters would have the ability to edit and correct their comments — even after they’d pressed the submit button! That spell checker is a really nice bonus. 😀

      Daki, don’t forget . . . It takes a little time and attention to get your ComLuv profile set up just like you want it. Now is the best time to become a free ComLuv member because even if your blog is not ready, your profile picture and info will be displayed when someone hovers over the little heart next to your post. (That was the very next thing I did after reading your comment!)

      So, you don’t have to wait. Get all the luv you can. :)

  24. Comluv is really the most loveable comment plugin for wordpress and it requites the love twice as much. Who can beat that?

    • Hello Anne!

      Glad to see you’re a CommentLuv member. Lately I’ve been seeing a wider variety of blogs using it, not just traditional “bloggers.” It adds a nice dimension to your online presence.

      Thanks for stopping by today. :)

  25. Hi Vanessa,

    All I can saw is WOW – I can only imagine how long it took you to put this masterpiece post together. Thank you for this…I was on the fence whether or not to add CommentLuv to my sites but you kinda smashed the fence down.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Haydn,

      Happy to be the one to bring the fence down for you. :) While you’re at it, why not install a “subscribe me” type plugin? Then your commenters will immediately know when someone has replied to their comment.

      Don’t forget — adding the plugin is a drop in the bucket compared to becoming a free member. While it only has one tier, the downline can bring some sweet benefits.

      Welcome to CoachNotesBlog. Hope to see you again.

  26. Hi Vernessa, I too have enjoyed my experience using comluv. I’ve been very impressed with the features it offers and its ease of use. And yes, membership is the way to go! Great job highlighting this service so that more bloggers are aware of its benefits.

    • Hi Adam,

      It’s truly wonderful to see a traditional bricks-and-mortar business owner like yourself blogging and using the latest technological tools to further your business. ComLuv membership fits right in there. Whether or not the ROI is monetary is debatable, but the goodwill generated is certainly valuable! Thanks for stopping by, Adam.

  27. I’ve read many an article on CommentLuv, but this is definetely the best i’ve seen. I’ve going to have to make far more use of it, and thank you for your advise

    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your kind words. Some things concerning benefits are slated to change since the new version of CommentLuv (2.9) has been released. In fact, numerous things have changed, including the membership site.

      When you get a moment, update your version of CommentLuv to v2.9 because the old version will stop working in a few short weeks. Take a quick look at the CommentLuv videos to get an overview of the changes; you’ll really like them! :)

  28. Without a doubt a great plugin and something that will tremendously help in building a community. Although I highly doubt this is how do follow was supposed to work. Too many unrelated links going out for me.

    • Hi Nishadha,

      Certainly you have a point about “unrelated links.” I think the initial focus was on “relationship” vs relatability, which does make for vibrant community.

      Of course, the web itself was created for sharing, hyperlinking, referencing. Seems like do follow, no follow, and the like threw a monkey wrench in the works. :)

      Thanks for stopping by. BTW – Creately looks interesting … Off to check it out!

  29. Hi,i just want to learn more about that area since my co worker uses comment blog and Do follow link,usually more on white hat strategy.

    • Hi Ivan – You can give the free version of CommentLuv a spin on your blog to see how you like it. If you fall in love with it (as many have done!), go for the Premium version which adds a new dimension to social sharing.

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