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Awesome Sauce! New CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin
Out of Beta Testing Phase – Worth Waiting For!

Many of the beta testers have written laudatory missives and feature run-downs. I’ll give a bit of that too (how could I not?) but first … I bet you don’t get to hear about the sexy subject of BETA TESTING, do ya?

Beta Makes It Better

I’ve been a charter member, in on the ground floor of other software I use and whose creators I hold in high regard. One of the best positions you can find yourself in upon the launch of a new software or software version is that of a beta tester. For the developer, the anticipation is high, the hours are long, and the payoff is . . . delayed. For beta testers, in addition to maybe getting a free version, you get the opportunity to identify bugs, interact with other testers, break the software on numerous occasions (or have it bork your system to your total glee!), recommend improvements, and perhaps see the changes you’ve suggested see the light of day.

Didn’t Win One of Those Beta Testing Spots?

p.s. As a beta tester, you get a lifetime membership to and free lifetime updates too! — Andy Bailey

Remember, winning came with a lifetime, fully supported, forever upgraded version. BUT, did you know there was a bit of work involved in order to hang onto your seat? Nothing you couldn’t handle, but nothing to poo-poo either!

What kinds of things do beta testers actually do?

Look for bugs … discuss strange behaviors … take lots of screenshots of anomalies … skip around to lots of different blogs leaving comments that border on spam, like “this is a test!” . . . Did I say crash your system, crash the plugin, trash the database . . . Those are pretty extreme, but once you suit up with the big “B” on your chest, you’d best be prepared!

What makes for a good beta testing experience from the perspective of the testers and the development team? In the case of the new CommentLuv Premium beta testing, it was a combination of these things:

  • A sense of humor (Andy called himself and his team “Da Management”)
  • A feeling of comraderie but not exclusivity (many of the team members know one another but even those who weren’t acquainted made one another feel welcome)
  • The quality of communications between Beta Testers and the Da Management (um, the developer)
  • The technical savvy of the bloggers on the team
  • The prolific voices and fearlessness in making known what is not working well or as advertised
  • The boldness of asking for what they want (and presumably, what their readers will want)
  • The responsiveness of Da Management to issues raised
  • Willingness of the developer to troubleshoot issues with individual sites and code a fix as necessary
  • The hearing ears pasted to the sides of the developers head when feature requests were made that made sense and received cries of “Yeah!” “Hey, I want that too!” and the like
  • A firm hand in saying, “Maybe later!” in order to avoid feature creep and bring this puppy to the waiting masses.

The last one I’ll mention is “respect for our time.”

In addition to extending a lifetime, multi-site, Developer’s version of the premium WordPress plugin, the developer found ways to get the beta testers’ input (recommend someone from this post to purchase at a discount and become a beta tester alongside you) and to reward them for that input (the one you recommend gets an opportunity to purchase through your affiliate link). Sweet!

I could go on. I won’t because you get the idea. :)

Beta testers unite!

Let’s go ahead and give Andy his crown right here. I’ve seen a hundred launches if I’ve seen one; this one takes the cake. Even if the software wasn’t worth the hoops we’ve gone through to get to this point (and it is), the excitement of the launch has been worth the ride. I’ve never seen as many innovative tactics, constant communications, and little prizes at the end of the rainbow as have been witnessed for the new CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin!

Andy Bailey, King of WordPress Plugin Launches!

We say “Baytah”, he says “Beater”, I say CommentLuv Premium is sweeter! Click here to get this Awesome Sauce or view the short video of must-have features below.


Out of Beta Testing … Into Your Waiting Hands

7-Day Sale
=> The All-New CommentLuv Premium <=
Plugin for WordPress Blogs
Get it now.

I’ve added CommentLuv to all my websites, including the fun one with model trains scenery. When the premium version is available, you can bet all my clients will add it, too! :)

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Vernessa Taylor

Technology Consultant, Business Writer at Local Business Coach Online (LBCO)
Founder and editor of the blog here at LBCO. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and visiting. See you next time.

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  1. Hi Vernessa,
    Another glowing review of CommentLuv! Whenever I come across blogs that love this awesome plugin, I can’t help but agree. This amazing tool has given so much value to blog owners and commenters alike.
    I agree with you.This “sweeter” version really takes the cake. It wins hands down. Da Management really outdid themselves.
    How fun it would be to be a beta tester. :)

    • Hey Theresa,

      How fun it would be to be a beta tester.

      A kindred spirit … yep, beta testing is fun! I’ve participated in a few and this one by far has been the most interesting. You know the best part? I can actually see a few of my requests for features (or enhancements)! Now that’s nice!

      Thanks for dropping in Theresa!

  2. Hi V
    “…the excitement of the launch has been worth the ride.”
    Now that is quotable.

    And you are right…
    “….you don’t get to hear about the sexy subject of BETA TESTING, do ya?

    Eh, just spotted that Sire is above me as your top commenter.
    Time to sort him out.

    See you have the CommentLuv+ – hope you enjoy it.

    • Hello Keith,

      Don’t you just love competition? (We’d better let Sire know he’s contending for his crown!)

      Not too many folk get excited by the notion. I liked the oxymoronic overtones. LOL

  3. Hi Vernessa, it’s nice to meet you. I found your blog while @growmap thanks to my newly installed commentluv premium plugin. Your right, it rocks.

    Anyone reading this should definitely hit the banner at the top of this page and check out the video!.

    Enjoyed your post. I have less time for testing BETA software these days but have fond memories of beta testing both Windows 95 and Office 95. Ah, those were the days.

    • Hi Joe, it’s a pleasure to meet you, too! Gail over at is good people. :)

      Imagine someone else who not only likes beta testing, but who helped make Win95 & Office better for the masses! I didn’t have the pleasure of beta testing those, but I sure spent a lot of time providing tech support on both of them. (So you were well acquainted with DOS, too. LOL)

      Stop by anytime, Joe. We’ll trade some more tales from DOS-days. (And thanks for subtle plug.)

  4. Hi Vernessa, I didn’t notice at first that there was a Commentluvvers widget down below. I like how it says “great reading”. That widget might be the only aspect of CommentLuv Premium that I haven’t toyed with yet because I already have so many “shout out” widgets. But your’s is real classy, so now I might just switch up.
    This post is really neat. Thanks.

    • Hello Ileane,

      We’ll have to give Andy his props on this widget! I was surprised he coded up and included something like this. Interestingly, it beats out some of the top commenter type plugins in terms of thoughtful features. I played around with this one a bit and like how he took beta team suggestions on things like changing the avatar size and choices on whether to pass along dofollow in more than link.

      Let me know when (if) you put it up.

  5. Cumluv is a great option as it informs viewers about you recent post, besides it the best backlink tools now, and as a blogger i am happy to use it.

    • Hi Alex, welcome to CoachNotes Blog.

      You’re right, CommentLuv has become reknown for its prowess as a backlink building tool. I certainly share your opinion on being happy to use it!

      Don’t forget to pick up your own developer’s copy of the premium version this week (you still have a few more days to secure it at a nice discount).

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. what a great pleasure it was having you as a beta tester Vernessa, you have been one of the constant ambassadors of the luv since you first started using it. I appreciate you and your persistence :-)

    (Andy called himself and his team “Da Management”)

    team? oh how I wish! If I had a team then I could order them to find me a diamond money crown to wear on my head. oh, wait, I already have one!! hahaha (yes, lonely me spent too long awake this week and now I’m starting to lose my brain nodules) 😛

    the beta testers were my team. I live with a whole family of Chinese who still think I spend my time on the pc to play games. :)

    • Hi Andy,

      Even with the loss of a few brain cells, you still manage to put out amazing videos this week!

      What with a computer going POP! after getting rained in, learning new video creation software, and churning out updates to the premium version, you’ve had your hands full.

      I think I can convince the grandkids to fashion you a cardboard crown (and draw some diamonds on it)! 😀

      Thanks for adding me to your beta testing team. They are a great bunch to work with. Call on me anytime!

      • Well Vernessa
        Looks like you’ve hit the big time – Comment from AB.
        Makes me very jealous but you know what… you deserve it.

        BTW would love it if you followed me on twitter – yes I’ve come over to the dark side.
        Who can say no to Mel?
        Handle is easyPblog.

        • Hiya Keith,

          So neat that Andy dropped in! 😀

          Can you believe how hard I laughed when I saw you had joined Twitterverse? I get instant notifications when someone follows me … I immediately went over, jumped on your bandwagon, and saw you’d even tweeted a few times!

          Now, kindly go follow @CoachNotesBlog. That’s where I usually tweet from, more so than under my name (@VernessaTaylor). Let me know if you need any help with coming up to speed on anything Twitter related. (I’m no expert but I’ll point you towards useful info.) My recommendation for desktop app, if you don’t want to be bothered with logging into the T website is Tweetdeck (

          Now, where’s Mel? Melanie!!! LOL

          Welcome to Social Media, Keith! (Now you can use the new social features of CommentLuv Premium, eh?)

        • Thanks for your welcome V.
          I’m starting to feel at home already.

          “Let me know if you need any help with coming up to speed on anything Twitter related.”

          You are a star V – I will surely take you up on that generous offer.

          Just a minute… is that a comment from Mel I see before me? LOL

  7. “Now, where’s Mel? Melanie!!!”

    Here I am, Vernessa! I’m right here where I belong — housed in the confines of the comment box. :)

    Wow, a visit from Andy. You’re soaring up the ranks, kiddo! Good for you. It’s high time someone from our little group of compatriots danced under the spotlight.

    Hey Keith,

    ” Who can say no to Mel?”

    Nice one. And I’ll tell ya “who”! My supervisor at the hospital every time (for the past decade or so) I’ve asked for a stinking raise. She can say “no” more fervently than any other human being on the planet.

    Tickled pink (or teal, I can’t decide) to have you in my Twitter stream and gracing the Twittersphere with your awesomeness. :)

    • Here I am, Vernessa! I’m right here where I belong — housed in the confines of the comment box.

      Oh the places we get stuck in! LOL

      Well, thanks to your influence (“Who can say no to Mel”), Keith has unstuck himself from his adamantly held position: No Social Media! Truly, an amazing accomplishment because, as you say, his presence will “grace” the space.

      Keith, even more amazing is how many confident bloggers are not so confident when it comes to even pseudo-public speaking (think video creation, audio creation). Your tips are easily transferable.

      I’m sure Andy will be tickled pink at how highly you guys esteem him. (He is kind of awesome!) I’m glad you think I’ve “risen” 😀

      And don’t forget this 7 day sale. While you’re in the house, click over and pick up your own discounted copies.

      You guys ROCK!

    • Hi Mel

      “My supervisor at the hospital every time (for the past decade or so) I’ve asked for a stinking raise. She can say “no” more fervently than any other human being on the planet.”

      Let me have her contact details and I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.

      Need to practice my Italian – American accent before I can make her the offer.

      Hacking my way through the “Twittersphere” at the moment – looking for a clear path to follow.

      Early days.

  8. Commentluv premium definitely has a lot of features and looks quite refined. I’m sure that’s due to the feedback of all the beta testers. I’m hoping that it becomes available for platforms such as intense debate.

    • Hi Richard,

      Without a doubt, CommentLuv Premium is a top hat production. I’m sure numerous features are also due to feedback over time from the many loyal users like yourself. :)

      Sadly, I overheard Andy say that external commenting systems (like Intense Debate) would not be supported. That’s a bummer, but at least you can continue using the free versions on I.D.

      If you think you might switch over to the WordPress platform in the near future, you could pick up CommentLuv Premium now (during the 7-day sale while there’s a steep discount), hang on to it, then install it on all of your WordPress blogs.

      Thanks for coming over, Richard.

  9. A list of the blogs who use it will be very helpful (pun intended).

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Welcome to CoachNotes Blog. There are probably thousands of blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin for their WordPress blogs. A quick search will turn up many, many such bloggers.

      If you are seeking backlinks for your own blog, an excellent strategy would be for you to install CommentLuv on your blog and begin to build relationships with some of those who will surely visit you. (Of course now is an excellent time to pick up a Developer’s License to the CommentLuv Premium version. Then you won’t need a captcha because it will deal with spambots for you) Otherwise, just grab the free version and have fun.

  10. Commentluv premium is pretty powerful and well worth the investment since it is 6 plugins in one, I see could use some CSS tweaking to get your Twitter field to match your other fields in the comment form.

    • Hey Justin,

      Those extra plugins folded in really make a difference to reducing the plugin load. (I’m still pretty plugin-heavy, but at least I was able to dump a few!)

      You’re right, I need to play around with the CSS. I’ve left it in the state it shipped with the plugin. If you’ve got any ideas (or code to share), lay it on me! :)

  11. Comment luv is a great plugin to find spam and it is also provide the value to blog and also visitors. And there is another benefit of this most of spammer do comment on do follow blog then it become a problem for owner but it is nice to read that it removes spam so anyone can use dofollow easily. And the comment luv premium experience is really awesome. thanks for your post

    Edited: Keywords and URL removed … You must use your own name if you’d like some keyword love and CommentLuv link.

    • In the CommentLuv Premium version, the GASP (GrowMap Anti Spambot Plugin) was folded in as a huge benefit. Spammers are problematic whether they are commenting on dofollow or nofollow blogs. For those human ones who have misunderstood how this feature works in CommentLuv, they will be disappointed in a variety of ways. LOL

  12. Wow, I need to upgrade my CommentLuv to the premium version. I’m still using the OLD free version (prior to 2.9x) and my understanding is it will soon stop working.

    This is a test comment by Vernessa to see if social enticements are working properly.

  13. Hi V
    Should I be buying this CommentLuv premium?
    You know that I only twitter, no other social media.
    What do you think.

    If I buy it, I’ll buy it via your affiliate.


    • Hi Keith,

      There are numerous benefits to having the newer version over on easyP. For one thing, you’ll be able to pick up some of your content published earlier and make that available in your CLP link. Something I dearly wanted was the ability to share pages (vs. posts) … and that is now a feature. So, instead of just the last 10 posts, you could setup your CLP dropdown box with a mixture of 5 new posts + 5 older posts + 5 pages. That’s worth the upgrade for me.

      As far as the social aspect, I lobbied for the capability of allowing readers to share content via Twitter, Facebook, or GooglePlus if they wanted to, right from the CommentLuv Premium dropdown. I don’t really use FB except for family stuff, but readers do, so them having that capability right there is a plus for them.

      That’s sweet of you to buy via my link. If you want, go ahead and click over there so it gets recorded. Then when you’re ready to buy, I’m covered. Let me know if you have any other specific questions about how it can work for easyP. :)

    • Hey Keith,

      I wasn’t sure if you realized CommentLuv Premium was on sale for a limited time. Did you already pick up your copy? While I figure you’re on Andy’s mailing list, wanted to remind you, just in case. Sale goes off on 30 Nov.

      Your’s truly!

  14. Hi V
    Just hit your download link, which takes you to Andy’s site.
    Then I hit let me in early and keep getting an error message!

    If you reply to this comment, include the link to the download.

    Thanks V and thanks for the mention on big T.


    • Yikes! Let’s see what could be happening. First off, I tried adding myself using an email address that’s not already on the list. That worked ok. Then, tried adding myself again using an email I know is subscribed to list. That went fine.

      The “confirmation” opens in a new window (or tab) each time.

      So, questions: Do you have popups turned off and/or JavaScript enabled? New window/tab needs one or the other.

      Which browser were you using? I did it in Firefox; sometimes Chrome acts nutty (at least for me) when using forms, popups, etc.

      Check those things, try a different browser, then let me know … and I’ll check in with Andy if we can’t resolve the issue.

      At the moment, there’s not a direct download link. Process is get on the list to be notified for next offering of CommentLuv Premium, since the pre-launch 7-day sale expired.

  15. Andrew really did set this launch up nicely! Every blog seemed to be talking about CommentLuv! Being on his email list also helped teach me some valuable launch tactics – one of those being the importance of connecting with as many people as possible within the industry.

    Having an awesome product also helps 😉

    • Welcome, Sandip!

      Indeed he did … he even had a beta testers contest! Now that’s unique:)

      Andy’s emails to his “team” and customers throughout the process were gems in the sea of the usual email marketing noise. I’m with you — I learned a bit, too!

  16. I think that all know how sweet is CommentLuv. I like it a lot and here you gave good info about it. I think that more and more people are going to use in in future:)

    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for the kudos. :) It does seem to gain popularity as the months go by. There are probably millions of blogs; thousands and thousands have yet to hear about the benefits of using this nifty plugin. They’re in for a treat!

  17. comluv is awesome but its premium service are expensive………

    • Hi Parminder,

      Numerous blog owners credit the CommentLuv plugin with increasing their readership over time. For some, the investment in the Premium version is well worth the price. Many have used it for free since it first came on the scene, so paying a bit to gain some features doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

      You might be interested in some of the contests underway that offer a free copy of CommentLuv Premium to the winners. Here’s one happening now => Entering is VERY easy: just visit Gail’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway page for more information.

  18. Actually my blog commenluv also been using the plugin with the free version and I admit this plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. I was moved to find much information about this plugin as a reference to the use of a premium version. Thanks for the reviews that add to product knowledge.

    • Hi reklame – The free version still rocks but the new Premium version has some never-before-seen features that kick up your relationship building to another level. The premium version is now available. Grab yourself a copy!

  19. Congrats on being selected as an Official Beta Tester. This premium version of CommentLuv certainly looks impressive.

  20. This beta version of comment luv look very impressive with some added features like ability to subscribe your replies have never been so easy!

  21. Hi Vernessa,
    Thanks for the info. I never knew the new premium version was so powerful.One question, whether this CommentLuv can be used for blogger platform? Great behind the scenes explaination.

  22. I really wish I could have gotten in on the beta testing opportunity. Commentluv is such a great plugin that provides value for everyone involved.

  23. Giving this premium plugin a trial run on my media blog. hoping for the best! we’ll see how it goes. Hope it increases engagement

    • Hi Paul,

      Hope it works out for your engagement goals. Don’t forget, you’ll need to put in a little footwork in order for engagement to actually increase. The plugin just serves as a vehicle to keep it rolling. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  24. I love the comment luv plugin. It leads to much more traffic for my site.

    • Hi Tim,

      Nice teaching site you have … love those drums! I can see how CommentLuv can drive traffic to your site (I followed the link in your CL sig over to your drumming lesson). But you don’t have it installed on your site … That could lead to sticky-ness, with folk coming back again. :) Cheers!

  25. I have a blogger based log, can you help me out on installing commentluv on a blogger based blog? Is it at all possible to install it on the blogger platform.

  26. Hi V
    Came over to see if you had any new posts – keep seeing you on twitter.
    What are you up to?

    I’ve just set up a new site at
    A little more commercial than easyP. LOL

    • Hi Keith,

      Your new site is quite lovely. I see you’re offering some great web services for local businesses. I’ll probably pick up with posting some articles after the first of the year. (I’ve got a couple in the wings, might actually get something out during the holidays.) Speaking of the holidays, Happy Holidays to you and your’s!

  27. I love commentluv. Its been fun commenting on other commentluv powered blogs.

    • Hi Nirmal, did you know you can install CommentLuv on your Blogger blog? You’d have to set up the intense Debate commenting system first, then you could add the free version of CommentLuv.

  28. Hi
    You can get a free version of CommentLuv, you’ll find it if you use the “search for new plugins” option in your WordPress installation, though that version will not have all the benefits of the premium version .

  29. I really like commentluv I used it on every site I had, but lately I am testing out LiveFyre and I really like that one to. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I think commentluv is a great blog application. It is easy to use and I use it on all my websites. I think all websites that have a blog should use commentluv.

  31. What a fantastic and full summary of what commentluv has to offer, I wrote my little blog on the subject, but I’m going to come back and read yours in more detail cos I don’t think I have grasped all the features yet.

    • Hi Elvis,

      Thanks for your comment. I visited your site and see that you’re using Disqus for commenting. Looked around for an article on CommentLuv but didn’t find one. Did you write about it on one of your other sites?

  32. Hi there Vernessa, as much as I love this plugin, its a little expensive for me, i was hoping someone would sponsor me a plugin. Nice review.

  33. I dont have money, can i get commentluve for free for my blog? :(

  34. it is just great to have these tools and indeed, they are much sweeter. it is very helpful esp if you want to promote your own keywords but leaves insightful comments at the same time.

  35. im using free version as i dont have much money right now.

  36. Surely Comment Love enabled blogs get huge comments than any other comment system

  37. Thank you for posting this blog and I could just say that there are a lot of information that I have acquired in this blog. I hope that you would continue to do so that it may be able to help blog commenters like me to merely undestand what commentluv is all about and the best way to send out a comment that does not look so spammy.

  38. I’m a big fan of the whole CommentLuv network, it’s a great way to connect with your readers.

  39. Comments luv, I think it is actually a trick. It would be an awesome use for a big blog, especially for people who really love to blog a lot of what they’re doing. I just came across your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog post. Thanks for sharing the useful information about comment love plugin.

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