Aug 132012

CommentLuv Premium Gets Jetpack Stats Fix

I’ve done without a simple WordPress plugin-based stats program ever since I removed Jetpack Stats from this blog last November.

Crews Prepare Cranes For Discovery's Arrival (201204160001HQ)While the article caused quite a stir and generated enough momentum to warrant a reply from “Mr. Automattic”, I hadn’t heard much else about Jetpack Stats creating additional problems. That is, until I got wind of an article and conversation over at Discover Auctions, which zeroed in on it creating problems with our beloved CommentLuv Premium.

In the photo on the right, highly skilled crews make preparations for lifting the space shuttle from the back of the SAC once it lands at Dulles National Airport in Washington, D.C. The process is known as “de-mate” which we might call “dismantling.”

That’s exactly (more or less) what the CommentlLuv Premium developer did to bring Jetpack Stats in line to work with the CLP plugin: de-mated, dismantled, de-coupled the built-in commenting system in JpS so it would quit interfering with CLP. He didn’t actually make changes to Jetpack Stats; instead, starting with CommentLuv Premium version, if both are installed CLP effectively nullifies Jetpack’s ability to take over the commenting system process.

Andy Bailey takes the happiness of CommentLuv Premium members seriously!

I decided to have another go at disabling just the comments part of the jetpack plugin. — Andy Bailey, Aug 4 2012

As a member of the CommentLuv Premium beta testing team, I got an email that asked CLP beta testers to weigh in on the latest update to the plugin.

My feedback is in the CommentLuv Members Beta Testers Forum (CLP – Disable Jetpack Stats Comment System)

In case you’re not a member of the beta testers forum, the gist of my feedback is thus:

  • I installed CLP on a new site and installed Jetpack Stats (so I can give some feedback)
  • With Jetpack Stats enabled CommentLuv Premium options show up as intended
  • The selected post (from the CommentLuv Premium dropdown) shows up below the comment as it should

From what I’ve seen, the enhancement to CommentLuv works splendidly. For those who love CLP and want to continue using Jetpack Stats, this is probably the best answer. Andy has already updated the free CommentLuv plugin ( ) and is adding some additional enhancements to the premium version.

Here is screenshot of CommentLuv Premium options showing up as intended (with Jetpack Stats commenting system disabled).

CommentLuv Premium options show with Jetpack Stats plugin installed

And in the next image you can see how the selected post shows up below the comment as it should.

CommentLuv Premium shows blog post below comment as intended with Jetpack Stats plugin installed

Once I re-activated the comment system in Jetpack Stats, everything still remains as noted above (the Jetpack comment system does not appear and CommentLuv Premium works beautifully).

How’s that for responsiveness? 😀

Although I no longer use Jetpack Stats, many thanks to you, Andy, for being responsive (as usual) to the concerns and needs of the CommentLuv community in general and the blogging community-at-large. Good job on the CLP/JpS workaround.

Photos courtesy of NASA and freelance photographers. NASA photos are mostly in the public domain. Some have additional licenses, for example, Creative Commons. Some photos used here are in nasa hq photo stream on Flickr.

SPECIAL NOTE: For a limited time (beginning on August 23) CommentLuv Premium is celebrating it’s 1-Year Anniversary as a premium WordPress Plugin. You can get it now at a whopping discount. You owe it to yourself to take a look … Price increases as the hours go by. Click the banner below.

Link to this page:

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Vernessa Taylor

Technology Consultant, Business Writer at Local Business Coach Online (LBCO)
Founder and editor of the blog here at LBCO. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and visiting. See you next time.

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  1. Hey Vernessa

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I am a great fan of commentluv premium.

  2. CommentLuv has done wonders for my blog, helping me to spread the ideas i believe in to other people. Good post, very informative and useful, especially for beginners.

  3. Hi Vernessa!! I’m so happy to see you coming out of the “woMAN cave” LOL!! I missed you ~ and your wonderful way of writing. Who else on Earth would compare coding a plugin to de-mate-ing a space shuttle. For the record, I’m sticking with JetPack lite but I’m really pleased that Andy cracked the code once again. Thanks for getting the word out.

    • Hi Ileane – I know, I really have been in a cave throughout the summer months! LOL If Andy ever retires CommentLuv free, it probably will be sitting right alongside Discovery in the Smithsonian. :) Thanks for dropping by and giving a +1.

      I eavesdropped on your last Facebook chat … Good stuff, really appreciated your words of wisdom and I know lots of others did too. We’ll have to catch up soon.

  4. Funny how after writing this article, some *other* plugin was causing CommentLuv Premium to throw an “out of memory” error which, in turn, prevented commenters from accessing and sharing their latest posts. That’s been corrected. :)

  5. This plugin is worth raving about, I’m glad I have it and so do the other blogs I visit on a regular basis. Thanks and more power!

  6. Commentluv has definitely changed the way we exchange ideas and best practices online and I specifically like the fact that it helps you give back to those who leave insightful and relevant comments on your site. Thanks!

    • Joy, that’s a great point:

      changed the way we exchange ideas and best practices online

      By following the post links in commenters’ signatures, I’ve met some interesting people and learned a wealth of useful knowledge. CommentLuv has done us all a big favor!

  7. I was planning on purchasing CommentLuv Premium during the sale so hopefully all of the problems get worked out.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for coming over. I appreciated your heads-up on LastPass; gotta check that out.

      Re CommentLuv … No worries — the issue with Jetpack Stats has definitely been worked out. All the other goodies in CommentLuv Premium are working as planned.

      Andy started the “re-launch” today (Aug 23) so if you want an EXCELLENT price, right now is the time to grab it. (I think I calculated it was going for something like 70% off the regular price, but the price goes up by the hour.)

      Here’s the link and you can also sign up for the affiliate program and make your money back immediately
      ==> (that’s a funny-looking link but it has to do with Andy’s special promo)

      See you in the CLP members forum! :)

  8. CommentLuv Premium has truly enhanced the way blogging is done. It is a boon for all the bloggers. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  9. Thank you so much for infos! They are really helping me, and they are giving me extra points of view. I can now understand much more regarding this issue, and I can decide what’s best for me, for what I have to do next! Good luck ! Kisses!

  10. I will be installing CommentLuv Premium on Monday morning. I can’t wait. I’ve been hearing all of the wonderful feedback and I am really excited!!!!

    Thanks for this information!

    • Hi Joe, thanks for dropping in. I saw your comment over on my “Can We Talk” page a few weeks ago and meant to get back to you. Really impressed with your local site — way to go!

      You picked up CommentLuv Premium, you’re in for a treat! I’m happy for you … there’s such a large, engaged community around it, you won’t have any trouble getting help if you should need it. Welcome to the fold! :)

  11. Hey Vernessa,
    I am planning to go premium the next month. However, I would like to know if there is any other plugin similar to commentluv premium.

    thanks in advance.

  12. Wow, we’re almost at the end of august already, I’ll pass thispost onto my mate, he’s just given up his mainstream job to go self-employed blogging, he’ll be chuffed to hear there’s a discount on the pligin.

    • Welcome, Tony. I’m thinking CommentLuv is an excellent way for new bloggers to garner some engagement right away. With the built-in spam features he’ll be able to ward off some of the fluff he’ll get from leechers who will think he won’t mind crappy comments just because it’s a new blog.

      What about your Habakkuk site? You’ve got social sharing but no CommentLuv. Are you joining the fold? 😀

  13. Hi Vanessa!I’m new in the world of blogging and I think your site is very helpful to me!

    Ideas In Business – Small Business Resources

  14. Comment Luv is a tool that any blogger should have i have been using it on my bog sites and its very helpful in building audience .

  15. Vernessa, thank you so much for the lesson on CommentLuv Premium.

  16. Hi I haven’t got comment luv at the moment but that moment is now. I have been putting it off because of lack of time. Now I think I am losing out without it.

    So thanks for the heads up lee

  17. Getting visitors to comment on your blog is often difficult. The CommentLuv Plugin helps encourage active commenting by providing a valuable back link to the posters blog, helping raise their standing in the search engines.

  18. Commentluv has become a trend and I believe everyone’s loving it.

  19. You did a great job troubleshooting and running down what was causing issues with CommentLuv Premium.I love the WordPress platform.

    Thanks for taking time to share your experiences — this is always useful to the wider community when they’re trying to locate and fix problems. And hats off to CommentLuv!!

  20. If you have not added the CommentLuv Premium widget to your blog, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities that you do not get with the regular CommentLuv widget.

  21. Commentluv has always bring a good job of every blog. I am glad that you have doing the trouble shoot and it is now working well.

  22. I don’t have commentluv yet and this tip would be very useful in installing and troubleshooting it. Thanks for this info which I got beforehand which will be very vakuable.

  23. Great article! You hit on everything perfectly. I have yet to begin using it, but after reading your article I think I will give it a try!

  24. Commentluv is really helful to a young blogger as it brings in comments which in turn keep one motivated btw nice post on the topic

  25. Commentluv has been an entirely new concept for me. I do plan on further following up on all future updates. Btw your article was a good read. Sorry for my english

  26. Hi there, I was considering commentluv for my own website. Reading this article and hearing about how dedicated the commentluv team is to making a great product has officially taken me off the fence. Consider me their newest fan!

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