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Episode from Bloggers.Notions – A Short Story

Bloggers-Notions-Short-Story-Episode-c. 2011 Vernessa Taylor - Is Blogging Making You Sick Short Story.  Image CC by

She wiped the sweat from her brow, yet again. Her comrade lay in a heap upon the floor, not more than three feet away from her barefoot. Glancing at the clock, she realized with a start, he'd been that way for more than 4 hours.

“Never call the medics!”

“Don’t touch me . . . Allow no one to touch me!”

His strange admonishments still rang (loudly) in her ears, every time this happened. Last time, 6 hours. Once — at least once every few months — 16 hours without moving a muscle.

Seven cups in varying colors, sizes, and functionality lined her desk. Not counting the one under the desk, reminding her of the way some item inevitably finds its way to the floorboard, then sticks itself under the gas pedal or brakes at the most inopportune time. Then, she struggles to remove it; now, it can just stay under the desk.

She reached for #3. Something weirdly satisfying about numbering her cups. Always 7, no matter when she starts or finishes the day. Number 3 was still half-full of Total Naked Truth, her favorite veggie blend. Carefully she placed it back in its spot. Refreshing!

Unplugging his keyboard, she laid it within his reach. Why in Bub’s name did he insist on using that old-school clackety monstrosity? She’d probably have to reboot his otherwise other-worldly box as it protested when hot-connecting that thing to the PS/2 port.

Grudgingly, she allowed herself a few more seconds of admiration (it was just the keyboard that defied common sense). She wondered why he’d built a triangular-shaped CPU. Bold, vixen-red with shiny black trim. Like those high-tops Air Somethings he wore. Of course, he’d given her a professorial mini-lecture on the utility of this, and the sensibilities of that … but, really, whatever possessed the man?

A puzzle for another day.

How long has it been? Oh, 4 hours, 15 minutes.

Sipping from #3, she returned to the task at hand. Could she somehow slip some tidbit about his latest stupor into the guest post she was formulating? Reaching for the Thesaurus, she looked up comatose.

To Be Continued . . .
Stay Tuned For The Next Episode in Bloggers.Notions: A Short Story Series. It’s living, breathing, and otherwise known as “under development” – Created by Vernessa Taylor, 2011

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Comments are welcome :)


Just so you know, this debut episode was inspired my numerous things — including people and happenings in the wonderful world of business and personal blogging — but the tipping point came today with a tweet from Creative Copy Challenge:

Hello CCC Readers and CCC Old-Timers

That tweet (actually from my TwitterFeed) reminded me that I hadn’t visited CCC for a couple of weeks and I really ought to get out more. BUT, I didn’t go over immediately because I was drafting an article, working out the idea for a guest post, and . . . Out of the blue arose a few lines that didn’t have anything at all to do with what I was presently writing — I decided to write them down before I forgot them.

They turned out to be the opening lines of this episode.

Afterwards, upon visiting Creative Copy Challenge (CCC), lo and behold, the writing prompts from yesterday were words that surely have to do with blogging! Thrilled with the “what-are-the-chances” feel to that happenstance, I’ve taken this short-story episode, incorporated those words, and posted it over at CCC as my offering for this week. (I hope Shane and Sean [@shanearthur, @seanplatt] don’t mind, especially considering the nature of the post, Hello CCC Readers and Old-Timers.)

Finally, some will ask: What does this short-story post have to do with small or local business, or online business systems, or processes, customer referral systems, or …

When the right brain and the left brain get together, wondrous things happen! – VT

Stay tuned!

Comments, anyone?

Image Credit: Michaelangelo by Hiking Artist via Flickr under Creative Commons License

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Vernessa Taylor

Technology Consultant, Business Writer at Local Business Coach Online (LBCO)
Founder and editor of the blog here at LBCO. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and visiting. See you next time.

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  52 Responses to “Is Blogging Making You Sick? Doctor, Doctor!”

  1. Vernessa, have you thought about reading this story out loud and perhaps turning it into a podcast? I wish you would give the idea some thought because you conjure up some serious imagery with your words that would sound so lovely with your voice behind them.
    Btw – is Total Naked Blend a real brand name? It sounds refreshing :)

  2. Hey Vernessa!

    This was very cool and so different!
    I’m looking forward to the continuation:)

    • Hey Alicia!

      Have you ever written anything and wondered how it might go over with your readers? This was one of those, so I’m doubly glad you enjoyed it.

      Ah, the continuation! I’ve got a few ideas. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey Vernessa,

    Okay, I haven’t been over here in awhile and made it a point of dropping by today. And to my surprise, I almost thought I was on the wrong blog. This is definitely a change from what you normally write but I really enjoyed it. Like Ileane said, I bet this would be a great podcast. Just hearing you read it out loud, yep, something to think about.

    So my answer is I really enjoyed it. It was different and I do enjoy different.

    Thanks for the change up.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Glad you enjoyed the difference. Nothing like a little levity to lighten the load. On occasion I have a little fun with writing something creative. I’ve been participating over at Creative Copy Challenges, courtesy of Mitchell Allen (Morpho Designs) and have enjoyed penning a few short-stories.

      This one seemed right to share here on CoachNotes blog. Appreciate your comment and hope to see more of you! :)

    • Hi Adrienne,
      you are just everywhere :-)
      So much fun when exploring the web to see familiar faces,

  4. The seven cups made me smile because I often bring two or even three cups – all actually glasses – usually of iced tea – so I can stay at the PC longer and make fewer trips to the kitchen…while blogging barefoot…and would admonish anyone not to call medics. This story kind of reminds me of me. :-)

  5. Hi Vernessa,

    Life in general is a great story to show others.

    Creative and funny article. I can reflect myself about the doctor after hours of writing LOL.



  6. Hi Vernessa, what an interesting read. I must show my ignorance though and ask about the guy passed out on the floor, who the heck is he and why did you unplug the keyboard and place it within his reach? What keyboard are you now using and what is he going to do with the one that ain’t plugged in?

    • Ah, the plot thickens! You are not showing ignorance, my friend . . . You are the first to ask such pertinent questions. 😀

      Perhaps I shall answer those … in the next episode!

      :) :)

      • Yeah, that would be right, keep the poor Aussie in suspense 😀

      • I thought you were about to tell Sire he was the first to ask such IMpertinent questions! LOL

        I love CCC. It’s particularly helpful when I feel creatively constipated. (Oh, lord, the metaphors that bubble to the surface of my brain, some days…there’s just no accounting for it.)

        This was fun – I’ll have to check back for future episodes!

        Why do you have TWO “Confirm you are NOT a spammer” boxes? Is that to confirm I’m not drinking or seeing double?

        • Hello Holly,

          Well, we know Sire can be impertinent! Umm, are you drinking and seeing double? :)

          Actually, it’s one of those wee tech aggravations that won’t go away. I *think* I’ve narrowed it down to a theme issue. Even as you were writing your comment, I was digging around on the backend prepping for a theme upgrade.

          So glad to see another CCC writer in the house! You’ve pegged one of my reasons for popping in over there and letting loose … I’m overdue. :) Come on by anytime!

  7. Well Vernessa, after our discussion over at my blog I thought I’d better come and declare my speechlessness on this creative post!

    Reading it again now I can find a few words – mostly to say that I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

    One element of this that I really admire is the way that you’ve steered in to the point towards the end, where she considers how to ‘slip the tidbit into her latest guest post’.

    This is a skill I’m really interested in developing – bringing a story to bear upon a practical point about blogging, business, whatever the niche may be.

    So, slightly less speechless than before – thanks for a very surprising post!

    (I agree with Ileane btw – Story time with Vernessa perhaps?)

    • I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know how delighted I am that you came back, and that you found some words. Haha! The thing about stories I’ve found to be unfailingly true: we all have some. Those few lines that crop up out of (seemingly) no where. That little daydream that causes a chuckle. That make-believe conversation that runs around in your mind until you say, “Stop that!”

      They are always underpinned by something – an interaction with a client, a phone conversation with a friend, a stumped toe, a missed bus. The trick is to take them and do something with them. Write them down, whisper them into your micro-cassette recorder. Later, use them. If you’re ever right at the point of wanting to “do a story” call me. Hurry! :)

  8. Well, I’ve seen a good “hook” a time or two in my life, but this one takes the cake!

    You hook your readers in …

    And then you only offer up a PARTIAL story?! You can’t do this to me. I must know the ending! Sleep deprivation will surely ensue without the tying up of loose ends. Doggone you, Vernessa!

    Talk about creating “anticipation” … you win!

    I never let a cup of anything get anywhere near my desk. Not that blogging parched is comfortable. But I don’t even want to think about the notion of liquid landing down in my keyboard — let alone having to clean it up. Okay, I’m neurotic. But it’s a good kind of neurotic. Let’s call it “precautionary neurosis”. :)

    I always blog barefoot.

    Someone is in a stupor? A drunken stupor? What kind of stupor?!

    Do I ever leave you dangling like this? Nope. I don’t even like dangling participles. 😉


    • Hey Melanie,

      Thank you, thank you! Now that you’re hooked, and waiting with bated breath, I’ll be sure to let you know when the next episode makes it to the stage. :)

      I’m a bit wonky about cups by the keyboard, too, but these days, I’d rather dry one out, then race off to the kitchen (echoing Gail’s sentiments). I also keep a few extra keyboards around.

      Glad you stopped by for coffee!

    • Hi Mel

      “Talk about creating “anticipation” … you win!”
      I’m with you on that one.

      “I always blog barefoot.”
      Mmmmm – interesting.

  9. Hi Vernessa,

    I loved your comment at Sherryl’s blog and so I headed over to yours and wasn’t disappointed, lol. Loved your story, waiting for the second and third part of it :-)

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Hi Franziska! Welcome to CoachNotes Blog. :)

      I do love reading Sherryl’s articles and interacting with the crowd there. She elicits such insightful comments, I’m happy to share my thoughts.

      Did you enjoy it? I had a lot of fun writing that one, and the ideas for the next pieces are fighting with each other!

      Isn’t Adrienne delightful? Glad you saw a familiar face in the house. And I see you’re a creative soul so I’ll be visiting your Artblog very soon. Come back any time, Franziska!

  10. The picture is quite funny, anyway.
    I like the story, Hoping to read the 2nd part and 3rd part.

  11. it’s my first time to be on your site and honestly, i really had fun reading this post.. looking forward to reading the continuation!

  12. We loved your remark with Sherryl’s weblog therefore i headed to yours as well as wasn’t dissatisfied, hehe. Cherished your own account, looking forward to the next as well as 3rd part of it .

    • Hi Ron, thanks for coming over. Sherryl’s Keep Up With The Web is a great place for conversations about issues that matter to business folk.

      I appreciate your kind words. I’m happy you enjoyed this episode of Bloggers.Notions. Yes, please come on back for the next one! :)

  13. Vernessa

    Okey-dokey, half way through I had to start reading from the beginning. I thought my mind took a “right brain” vacation for a second. Then, I realize, no vacation – just a good little story!

    Nice for the change of pace. :) – Theresa

    • Haha! Glad you got, Theresa! A change of pace is good after a period of brain drain. Welcome to CoachNotes Blog, hope you find some other stuff around here you like.

      I’m looking forward to reading some of your series. We’re on the same wave length there – I like comprehensive!

  14. Hi Vernessa,

    I’m just popping in to see how the new CommentLuv works on your blog. I see I qualify already for the ten posts because I have CommentLuv Premium installed AND I see what I didn’t see in Andy’s FiddyP blog: text about keywords.

    The new CommentLuv Twitter field can handle Twitter user names whether they put them in with or without the @ and even if they use those funky Twitter URLs so you don’t need that text any more telling people how to enter it.

    • Hi Gail, glad you popped in!

      CommentLuv Premium is experiencing new features and thoughtful tweaks almost daily as Andy gets feedback from beta testers; the code just underwent a major change yesterday. Glad to see you got it up and running on Thanks for the tip. :)

  15. I love stories. They are so hypnotic. People pay more attention to your words. Sometimes when I am writing new blog posts I will stop and think about how I could possibly get my message across in a story instead of just saying what I have to say.

    I have noticed that on talk radio they are starting to have a lot more of the hosts lead into an advertisement for a product by making it a continuation of some applicable story. I think it is a great idea for advertisers, but a bad idea from the perspective of those shows’ audience.

    Sorry to get off subject a little bit. Just wanted to say that you write very well.

    • Welcome Ted!

      Hmm, it might not be such a bad idea for the show’s audience.A few words came to mind as I read your comment: “Last time on LOST…” Even though the series is long over, those words hang around teasing me. I suspect it is the same for radio audiences. On occasion, I listen to one of the morning talk shows which has a running story. The story is so good, the audience, self included, can hardly wait for the next 3-minute episode!

      Jym left a comment above about wanting to use more stories in his blog articles. It’s wonderful that you can connect a story to your writings. If you have any ideas to share, do drop in and give us the benefit of your wisdom.

  16. “Reaching for the Thesaurus, she looked up comatose.”
    I know what she means Vernessa. LOL

    You know once in a while, I find something on the web that is unique… not very often but every now and then.
    When I started to read your post I thought… Unique!

    How on earth did you come up with the idea of an ongoing story?

    Mel K has got it in one… “Talk about creating “anticipation” … you win!”

    Loved the post V and, love the new looking site.

    Right I’ll just tick the boxes… not a spammer, commentLuv, follow up comments – all done.

    • Keith, I think the idea came to mind as I became more comfortable with sharing it here.

      I’d just read a slew of those “I’m not commenting on your blog because …” posts, and I thought, well here’s something to really NOT comment on! It’s not even a blog-type post, I had a good private laugh and right in the midst of my chortling, along came this fun idea.

      Thanks for sharing it with me. I’ve even registered a domain for it (shhh!) … We’ll see what comes of it.

  17. I like the story! I landed here because of the article’s title. Actually, blogging really made me sick few times now but unlike in the story I always take medication (I’m being literal here! Lol). The picture is quite strange, somehow like the Greek God and an exhausted boy. Well, I’ll be very please to see if there’s a continuation.

    • Well, JohnC, you might need to tak it easy so you dont’ land on the floor like that dude! 😀 I’ve worked on two follow-on episodes which I’ll be sharing soon!

      The illustration is kinda funny. It’s one from the Hiking Artist’s collection. The fellow has a quirky sense of humor (in addition to being a great sketch artist.)

  18. A podcast about this story would be just so lovely. The quote also have me wondering, one brain has been enough for who we are today. I’m really starting to like your blog, Vernessa, each post have something new to offer to the readers. Keep going!

  19. Great blog well done :) Really funny too! The start remind me of when it gets to exam time here at uni and we’re all studying 16 hours days!

    I think everything is okay in moderation though! Do what you enjoy as long as you’re enjoying it!

    • Hi Harriet,

      How are your exams going? 16-hours days are par for the course when your trying to make straight-As. :) Some bloggers really, really are like that. Whatever they write has to mirror excellence so they put in a lot of time (and drink a lot of everything!)

      Glad you enjoyed the story. Stop by again.

  20. Hi Vernessa,

    First time on your blog, having read this story of yours, very creative and with a unique “playful” touch..

    Is the second part available yet?

    Nice share :)

  21. If you think to adopt blogging as a career than you should also make exercise a habit..Thanks for the post

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